Get Spryker Certified

Hey there, let's get Spryker certified! Here at Safari, we offer role-specific certification. We also want to ensure you're prepared for your certification exam. We provide you with instructor-led or self-paced online preparation courses for each certification exam so that you can gain all the necessary knowledge and go through the exams confidently.

Role-specific certificates

To prove your prowess to others, we have created various role-specific online certificates that show you are qualified and ready to work on a Spryker project in their company.

Year-long validity

We set an expiration date on our certificates; it's one year. In a year, a lot can change in our systems, and new features can be added. So we would like you to be up-to-date on your Spryker knowledge.

We'll vouch for you

Now, why get certified, you ask? The world needs trusted Spryker users, and we want to vouch for you. These certificates are our way of saying: Hey, this person knows what they are doing!
You attend our class or go through our online training on yourself.
You prepare for the certification exam using our preparation aids.
You pass our certification exam!
You receive your certificate.
One year passes, and your certificate expires. Time to repeat the cycle!